How is Your Health?

Making positive lifestyle choices could cut your risk for diabetes by about 80%.1

Taking the right health risk assessment (HRA) is the first step to living well naturally. The NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club HRA — HealthGauge™ Health Score Calculator—is based on a recent study2 where the health practices of 200,000 people were recorded. When the participants were surveyed ten years later, the research revealed a clear relationship between five key health practices and one’s risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Individuals who managed to make improvements in all five risk areas were able to reduce their risk by about 80%, according to the study.

More than ever before, scientific research3 is uncovering the fact that heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are largely the result of the way we live. By addressing common lifestyle factors such as obesity and alcohol consumption, a person’s odds of developing these diseases may decrease for each positive lifestyle change they make.

This health score calculator will evaluate your risk of developing a lifestyle related disease by comparing your personal health practices with modern scientific information. You will be presented with specific recommendations to begin following right away.

Key features of the HealthGauge™ Health Score Calculator:

  • Easy-to-complete 7-point questionnaire
  • Comprehensive report with personalized recommendations
  • Links from the report to extensive health improvement content
  • Access to the NEWSTART® health information request portal

Take the first step to better health. Calculate your health score today!


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