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Become a NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club partner and harness the power of NEWSTART in your health outreach.

The NEWSTART Lifestyle Club partnership program provides a way for you to connect with local churches in your area who are interested in offering seminar presentations, lifestyle counseling, and natural treatments. It’s based on the world famous NEWSTART principles that have helped millions live well naturally without the use of drugs.

As a partner, you’ll get:

Health outreach support

Whether you decide to speak at a church-based Reversing Disease seminar or volunteer at a NEWSTART Free Clinic, you’ll have a wide selection of health outreach opportunities to choose from. You will also have full permission to use the NEWSTART acronym in your presentations and patient education.

Health services profile

With 80% of U.S. patients seeking health information online, having your profile on the NEWSTART Lifestyle Club website will mean higher visibility for your practice. And with a club that is growing by more than 15 new members everyday, there's no better place to be.

Discounts on health products and resources

Gain access to additional resources to help your patients stay fit and strong. As a NEWSTART Lifestyle Club partner, you’ll receive discounts on health related products and resources from NEWSTART.

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