Q. What is the best source of calcium?


Calcium citrate is a form of chelated calcium. Some studies indicate that calcium citrate is more bioavailable than calcium carbonate.

Nonetheless, the best evidence shows that leafy greens and sesame seeds are some of the best sources of calcium for adults of any age. Calcium supplementation, though often advocated for all post-menopausal women, is not nearly as effective for good bone health as eating a plant diet and getting regular weight-bearing exercise. The physicians at Weimar recommend using a bio-identical progesterone cream when a healthy diet and exercise program do not produce adequate bone health in post-menopausal ladies.

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  1. 1 Daniel Jun 24, 2019, 1:31 AM PDT

    We are excited to your commitment to eating whole grains through the week – your family’s health will reap a reward thanks to your proactive role as Mom! And as you continue reading this response, I believe that this is the bottom line your commitment to whole plant foods. Environmental risk to health will always be a factor to consider, but the lifelong choice of a healthy lifestyle will give you a quality of life which no quantity can offer.

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