Congestion and Allergy Relief

Q. We live in a suburban area and my children have congestion year-around especially in the morning. What do you think is the cause and what can I do?


If the congestion that your children are experiencing seems to be worse at night: Try using some kind of humidifier. A very simple humidifier is to take a crock pot and leave the lid off and put this in their sleeping room. The steam that is released will moisten their respiratory mucous membranes and cut down on congestion. Also remember that greasy foods such as potato chips, corn chips or fried oily foods will also contribute to congestion. Too much oil is hard to metabolize and is cast off into the tissues instead of digested properly. This causes congestion. Of course dairy and animal products are very allergenic and will help make the congestion worse. Also be sure all environmental allergies are evaluated and excluded from the home. Dust mites, animal dander, synthetic fabrics, or plastics are common home allergens. One problem that might be overlooked is particle board furniture full of chemicals. It is best to have natural wood furniture that is not made with particle board or plastics.

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