Enlarged Prostate


Q. Is it possible to reverse an enlarged prostate naturally without the use of medications and surgery?


When you say enlarged prostate this could mean many different things: Chronic prostatitis can cause an enlarged prostate and so can cancer. And sometimes it just gets bigger with time and can cause symptoms of slow urination, even blockage of the flow. Often it is painless and most of the time it just causes dribbling and frequent urination. I first and foremost recommend that you have a prostate rectal exam, and a PSA test to make sure you do not have a possible cancer of the prostate. Also get a urine analysis to be sure there is no blood, or infection in the urine. In the meantime for good prostate health, you need to be on a low fat, plant-based diet, and get plenty of exercise—lots of walking. For those people who do not have cancer, before they have surgery, unless the blockage is severe, try several different natural remedies: Saw palmetto, ground flax seed, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and cranberry juice are always good for any part of the male urinary tract system. For some people these simple remedies may help for others surgery or TURP is often required.

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