Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

Q. How can I reduce the chronic pain and neuropathy caused from a rib injury that didn’t heal properly?


Chronic pain of any kind is never an easy fix, and can be a trial managing. In fact many university medical centers have pain centers to deal with this obtrusive disorder. Your neuropathy sounds like just what it is, diffuse, non-focal pain throughout the rib cage and lower torso. This pain accompanied by insomnia is hard to deal with.

Hydrotherapy might be something worth trying. If you do not have a Thermophore that is what I highly recommend. A Thermophore is a brand name heating pad that produces moist heat. I would recommend putting this under you while attempting to sleep. Just lay on your back with the Thermophore under you, applying heat to your upper spine. While holding the on switch down, you can get some good relaxation that will eventually put you to sleep. Heat to the spine is a very powerful sleep inducer as well as an analgesic. Just prior to applying the Thermophore, drink a half quart of chamomile tea. This too is very relaxing and may help ease the neuropathy. There are a few homeopathic natural remedies for pain that might possibly work, one for instance is Neuroveen, which might be worth a try. You can buy these online.

Other forms of hydrotherapy include alternating warm and cold fomentations to the affected area, warm mineral baths either at home or at a SPA. Too much heat to the affected area might fire up the nerve pain even more, but heat directly to the spine if that area is not painful should be OK, for sleep induction. For very acute pain you might try icing the affected area for short periods of time. Also of some value might be applying a flax/charcoal poultice to the painful area.

Also read the article I just posted to this website called The Anti-inflammatory Diet which recommends the vegan diet as well as cutting back on omega 6 oils and supplementing omega 3 fats such as flax and walnuts into the diet. Plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids cuts back on inflammation.

If nothing else works it might be worth enrolling in a pain clinic as a client and ask for strictly natural pain relief methods, especially avoiding narcotics.

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  1. 1 Ramai Mar 7, 2011, 12:04 AM PST

    I am 81—and have had periphreal Neuropathy for 8 yrs…the pain in my feet and legs is excrutiating at times, especially at bedtime. I was prescribed “neurontin” which gave me tremors, and internal spasms—which have’nt gone away…however I am now on a “cream” which contains medications to ease nerve pain—and am to rub it on my feet and legs 2 a day…it has been a great help—but, just knowing the neuropathy will never be cured, is stressful….what is the cause of neuropathy—-not associated with Diabetes?????

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