Ringing in the Ears


Q. Are there any fruits or vitamins or herbs that help with ear ringing?


There was an interesting study done some years ago where they showed if you get on a very good diet, a plant-based diet, many people’s hearing actually improves. It appears to have to do with the micro-circulation. If you can get better circulation to the inner ear, that actually may be able to help with some types of hearing loss, but not all. Some of us lose our hearing from loud noise exposure, and some of that damage is permanent. But improving the circulation may help. A vegan diet is the optimal diet to improve the circulation, and there is some evidence that in some people that can help improve their hearing.

The tinnitus actually goes along with some hearing loss. People that have tinnitus, the ringing, usually have some degree of hearing loss. So if you can address the hearing loss, sometimes that helps with the tinnitus, or the ringing.

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