Snacking and Over Eating

Q. How can I boost my energy levels and stop snacking?


There are several things you can do to reduce the compulsive snacking habit, and still have some energy at the end of the day. Probably the lack of energy at the end the day is somewhat related to the energy that the snacking has taken from the body which should be used for higher duties. It takes energy to actually digest, process, and store foods. 
Several things can be done when awakening in the morning. We often forget that it has been 7 maybe 9 hours since we have had a drink of water. I recommend drinking about a half a quart of warm water first thing in the morning. This will get the bowels moving and help a sluggish circulation, and prepare the body for smooth running for the entire day. Next is to eat an adequate breakfast. People often skip or just do a cup of coffee and a simple snack. By mid morning they are out of gas and need more snacking. This between meal snacking is often caloric dense foods chips, bread, coffee and cream with sugar, milk or candy. A hearty breakfast will help kill that between breakfast and lunch craving to snack. If you do eat a good breakfast and the snacking urge still returns, try drinking another glass of water between the meals. Also be sure to add something like a few nuts and a few olives with each meal to prevent the lows between meals. These foods with healthy fats taken at mealtime will temporize that between meal snacking urge. Yes I actually said foods with healthy fats olives, a few nuts, avocados, and some coconut. These healthy fats are needed. Please see my article on The Anti-inflammatory Diet.
Another thing to do is to use a crock pot for cooking. This will help minimize time you spend cooking and will leave some extra time for walking. Look at some crock pot recipes in the NEWSTART cookbook. Usually the beans or grains involved in crock pot cooking are high in fiber and can help prevent snacking and help you loose weight, and save you time for doing other things. Once you get more energy, the walking will improve and then you will actually increase your metabolic rate and burn calories while resting and sleeping at a higher rate. Salads are also a great staple to help you loose weight.

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