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Become a NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club sponsor and harness the power of NEWSTART® in your health outreach.

The NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club sponsorship program is designed to equip churches and individuals around the world to do effective health evangelism in urban areas. It’s based on the world famous NEWSTART® principles that have helped millions live well naturally without the use of drugs.

As a sponsor, you’ll get:

Health seminar service and support

Whether you decide to hold a NEWSTART Reversing Disease seminar, a NEWSTART Free Clinic, or even a NEWSTART Health Expo, you’ll have everything you need, including all the forms, instructions, signs, and handouts, to run a successful event. You will also have full permission to use the NEWSTART® acronym in your presentations and advertising. And should you need help, you can call on one of our NEWSTART® Global medical missionaries to help you get started. In addition, NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club health experts are available to answer seminar participants’ questions through the club website.

Promotional tools for events and deals

With 80% of U.S. patients seeking health information online, advertising your events or deals for health-related products and services on the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club website will mean higher attendance and more customers. And for more demanding advertising campaigns, you’ll have our field tested community health survey, event flyers, and club cards to use at health Expos and door-to-door. They’ve been specifically designed to be fun, easy to use, and yield results. Best of all, you’ll have full control over posting to the club website where browsers can find specific details about your events or deals along with contact information including Google® mapped directions.

Online contact management system

Being a club sponsor means having direct contact with club members in your area. You’ll be able to easily view contact information and send email through a set of powerful online communication tools. As new members are added via your sponsor promo code, event RSVP list, deal clicks, or matching city, you’ll be able to know exactly how many are interested in a specific event, deal, or health topic. Not only that, it integrates seamlessly with popular CRM software such as Disciples or NHC Reflect.

Additional services

For participants who may require additional care, NEWSTART offers several treatment options and is the only program scientifically proven to prolong life by 10 years. And to help keep your health evangelism going, your church will receive up to $500 when they attend a NEWSTART Lifestyle Program.

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