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Nut Gravy

Add all your ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend smooth. (If you don’t have a high-speed blender, you…

Hypertension: Taking the Pressure Off - Part 4

Freedom From Guilt and Resentment Guilt and resentment cause hypertension. Freedom from guilt 351 and resentment 352 lowers…

Arthritis: Don’t Let Joint Pain Slow Your Journey

Arthritis and Americans According to the CDC, arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States.…

Unleavened Bread Sticks

Combine all ingredients except flour and mix well. Add flour gradually to make firm but not dry dough. Roll out…

Chickpea a la king

Blend cashews until smooth with seasonings and flour with ¾ cup of the water. Pour into pan. Rinse blender…


Most of us realize the importance of physical exercise, but few really understand how vital it is to good health! I would like…

Seasoned Black Beans

In a large kettle, steam onion, pepper and cilantro in a little water until tender. Add tomatoes and garlic and boil…


Insulin works a whole lot better in the presence of exercise, whether you are injecting it as a type 1 diabetic, or are an…


Today, as never before, “the pressure is on:” Pressure to beat out the other guy for the top spot. Pressure to get…


“Anything but water, please!” We really don’t say it, but when we go to the drive-up window or sit down to…

Menu Planning

Sally Christensen, Cooking Instructor at the NEWSTART Lifestyle Center, explains a simple approach to healthy menu planning…

What Is Stress?

Many people would describe themselves as stressed. What is stress, and how does it impact our health? Is there good stress as…

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