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Bread Pudding

Place all ingredients except bread in mixing bowl and stir gently until well mixed. Add bread to ingredients in bowl…

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies seem to be on the rise! More and more people seem to be more and more allergic to more and more things! Certainly…

Holiday Punch

Mix all ingredients together and place sliced limes on top.

Hypertension: Taking the Pressure Off - Part 3

Meat and Endothelial Dysfunction So what raises inflammation increasing blood vessel wall thickness and causes endothelial…

Nutritional Oncology

Nutrition is no longer a side issue In spite of the following facts: The cruelty of cancer touches about one in three…

Potato Chowder

Steam 1 cup frozen hash brown potatoes until tender. Meanwhile in bottom of steamer cook a few tiny carrots and some…

Lentil and Spinach Soup

Cook lentils and bay leaf in water until almost done. Add onion and carrots and cook until the carrots are soft and…

Why Do We Need A NEWSTART?

Some people call them the eight doctors; some people call them the eight natural remedies; some people call them the eight…


Dermatologist, Dr. Phil Mills, talks about dandruff, what causes it, and how you can deal with it.


Discover some benefits of fiber that you probably didn’t know about, and learn how simple it is to add fiber to your…

It’s Your Life

It’s your life, it’s your choice. The decisions that determine your health are yours to make. In this lecture, you…

Cancer - Good News and Bad News

In this lecture, Dr. Clarence Ing answers your questions about cancer. Dr. Ing explains how you can lower your risk for cancer…

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